Welcome to Finn and Fern Waldorf Inspired Dolls, where dolls are created with the finest materials and careful attention to detail.

About Me

I remember making my first doll when I was in the third grade.  Cabbage Patch kids were extremely hard to come by, so I took the matter into my own hands.  I raided my mother's pantyhose to make my very own doll.  Of course, she wasn't pretty, but she was mine.  

Over the years, I've made many different kinds of dolls including some of Hillary's Wee Wonderful Make A Long dolls.   I made my first Waldorf style doll in 2008 as I awaited my first child's birth.  We affectionately call that doll the "Uncle Mike" doll because he looks a bit like my brother in law!

5 years later, I am a mom to two small children, Patrick Finn and Maura Fern.  When my daughter Maura was born, there were many unexpected complications.  Maura was born with epilepsy.  She is doing extraordinarily well these days, but going through all of what we did, it changed my life!  I decided I really needed to be home with my kids, but I also needed to make ends meet.  Thus, Finn and Fern was born.

Before taking on creating dolls, I taught 5th grade for many years.  I loved being with the kids, but I don't miss being in the classroom today.

I also blog about life and crafting at River-girl, where I've been for many years.  Living in a 150 year old house near the banks of the Delaware River often leaves me with many thoughts and ideas to share!