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Friday, November 7, 2014


Please meet Ellie.  Ellie is a playful girl just full of love.  She talks a LOT!  One day, in my studio, she followed me around for hours, just asking questions and talking about the other dolls.  It was truly exhausting!  But she knows a lot.  She likes to listen. She likes to relax and snuggle, which is perfect for the upcoming cooler months!

Ellie is made using Dewitt Engle cotton for her skin.  It is triple stitched.  She comes to you wearing a cotton top and repurposed jeans with felted hearts on the knees.  She also has little undies on, because what doll would be complete with undies!  Her shoes are wet felted green felt booties.  She has a short bobbed weft and her face has lightly sculpted details.   Ellis is about 18 inches tall.  She also has a secret...she's hiding ears!     

Little Aspen

The leaves are falling all around, and I find myself chasing after little Aspen.  You see, these little fiddles are fast, especially when left on their own in the forest!  It's like it just comes natural to them.  She likes to giggle and climb and run all over!  Thank goodness she has good shoes!

Aspen is a little fiddle.  They measure around 11 inches.  She has cute pink undies on and I've handknit her shoes and hat...after all, the weather is getting chilly!  She's also the first fiddle to get a long sleeve cotton dress that closes in the back with a button!  I can assure you, she's ready for the cooler weather!

Aspen is triple stitched and is stuffed with clean carded wool.  She has a belly button, a bum, and dimpled knees!  Her hair is crocheted dolly-mo.  She's perfect for little hands, though, you must be careful with her buttons!  

She will be available tomorrow, over at The Enchanted Toybox at 7 pm EST.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Eve!  It's time for tea!  

I see her shyly peeking at me from behind the curtains.  She giggles a little, but only a little, because she's a dainty little girl with good manners.  

Eve comes to me, she whispers quietly that she's like some tea cookies too...

Ok Eve!  I'd be happy to get them for you!

Eve sits quietly, waiting patiently.  She's got such good manners, this girl!  

Eve is about 19 inches tall.  She is made of light brown Dewitt Engle cotton and triple stitches where necessary.  She has machine wefted hair made from a curly camel weft.  She has a handknit cardi that matches her handknit shoes.  Her shoes tie with a ribbon.  Eve's afternoon tea dress is made out of Liberty Tana Lawn, one of the softest cottons around!  Of course, she has pretty pink panties under her tights.  

Thank you so much for coming to visit Eve!  I can't wait to find out where her new home will be!

Finn and Fern Little Babushkas

I've been working on a *little* project.  It's not quite there yet, but there is no reason I can't share it with you now, right?

A while back, I was talking with a bunch of lovely ladies, and I half-jokingly threw out the idea of little Waldorf style matryoshkas.  I'm not sure if I really meant it or not, but none the less, the idea stuck with me!  It's been calling me to make a few for what seems like weeks now!

After making two little ones, I am sure I want to make more!   But surely, these littles aren't quite *there* yet.  They need a few more things...like an apron, and maybe arms, and I'm working on their shape too!  Do they need to be more teardrop shaped?  I'm not sure!

Anyway, these two littles are perfectly lovely...they'll fit in a purse, or in a backpack, or in a pocket, and they are meant to go to you...so I'm giving them away!

The first one will be given away over at The Enchanted Toybox this Friday.  The second, on my Facebook page.  Won't you join in for some fun this week?  It's the perfect start to the warmth of the holiday season!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As dollmakers, we all grow on our own in our craft.  It's interesting because we all choose to grow and learn in different ways.  I remember a few months back seeing Maureen Broeder posting pictures of the feet she was prototyping.  I've seen Maria Asenova's faces evolve ever so beautifully.  It's just a natural progression...this growing and changing.  We all feel it in our work, I'm sure.  So when the trend towards sculpting took off, of course, I wanted to learn more.  Now, I love my dolls.  I often sigh when I finish one.  It's like this magical thing you hold in your hands...this soul that you have created.  

Somehow, though...whenever I've tried to sculpt a face, it doesn't quite work the way I want it to.  I've gotten good at needlefelting cheeks and chins, but those lips, they've ever evaded me!  It's been frustrating for sure.  I get this image in my head, a little face, that still holds much of the traditional lines, but with a more defined mouth.  I'd try my hand at it, and fail!  Some of them looked great before I pulled the skins on, and then the skin just changes everything!

But I kept at it.  I tried a variety of things.  I'd have these strings sticking out the backs of their heads, thinking about anatomy and physiology.  Where do the smile muscles pull?  What happens when you tighten this one? No no...that's more frowny... and of course, the ever frustrating strings that break!  It just wasn't right, and I'd succumb and defer to a more traditional smile.  

With this girl, that wasn't to be.  I actually sewed her head to her body, decided I didn't it, beheaded her, and took her whole head skin off.  Something was off, and I was going to fix it!  I took out more wool and my felting needles, and sat, for hours, to make her the doll I set out to make.  Then, she was born.

I look at her and sigh.  She is the girl I set out to make.  She's coming to life just as I imagined her.  And I feel successful in my efforts.  I only hope I can do it again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hide and Seek...


Keep counting, mama!  She told me...

So I did.  Evette leaned up against the tree.  She was convinced I couldn't see her, but there she was!  Her little curls peaking out from the sides of the tree!  Silly girl!
Four.... Five... Six...

I heard her giggle.  She was convinced she found the best spot in the yard!

Ready or not, here I come!

I pretended not to know where she was...for her sake...she was so confident...I couldn't break her little spirit.

Are you behind the chair?

*giggles from the tree*

Are you hiding near the picket fence?

*more giggles*

I continued to "look" for her, and each time, I was met with giggles.  Finally, she couldn't hold it in anymore, and she burst out!

Here I am!  Here I am, Mama!

And there she was, Sweet Little Evette, with all of her curls.  Smiling at me in the sunshine...

Evette, along with her friend Lisette, will be available at The Enchanted Toybox on Friday evening at 7:00 pm EST. I do hope you'll stop on by!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best of Friends

Have you ever wished for the best friend a friend could have?  These two little ones wished for each other, and that's just what they got.  

Now don't be fooled by their sweet little faces.  I swear, they think the same, and before I know it, they are turning things upside down and making a big old mess.  

In fact, the little guy climbed up the tree the other day, and I couldn't even get him to come down!  I finally asked his sister to go get him for me, and she was helpful...to an extent...but oh, then they were both up the tree!  Silly ones!

Regardless of their silly antics, these two are a lovable pair.  They share secrets, almost as if they don't have to say them aloud.  They snuggle like they were meant to fit together, because they were cut from the same cloth and stuffed with the same wool - quite literally!  They are headed home tomorrow!