Welcome to Finn and Fern Waldorf Inspired Dolls, where dolls are created with the finest materials and careful attention to detail.

The Dolls

A Little About the Dolls Themselves...

There is a belief in the Waldorf tradition that dolls and other play things should be simple.  Children need to use their imagination to make them "come to life" so to speak.  My dolls foster imaginative play and developing relationships as children grow.

I start with premium cotton interlock from De Witte Engle based in the Netherlands.  After I triple stitch all the seams, I stuff my dolls firmly with clean carded wool from West Earl Woolen Mills located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.  Then I hand stitch the head and arms to the body.  

Faces are sewn using premium cotton embroidery thread.  I meticulously sew the eyes and the mouth on.  

Their hair is usually a wool yarn.  Sometimes I add other bits to make it interesting, but when I buy my wools, I strive for natural!  This is also hand sewn to each doll.

As you can see, the process is meticulous.  My dolls are heirloom quality.  They are built for many years of play.  

Why Wool?

Wool is naturally antibiotic.  It also warms to the touch, making it feel almost as if the doll itself is real!  

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