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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Eve!  It's time for tea!  

I see her shyly peeking at me from behind the curtains.  She giggles a little, but only a little, because she's a dainty little girl with good manners.  

Eve comes to me, she whispers quietly that she's like some tea cookies too...

Ok Eve!  I'd be happy to get them for you!

Eve sits quietly, waiting patiently.  She's got such good manners, this girl!  

Eve is about 19 inches tall.  She is made of light brown Dewitt Engle cotton and triple stitches where necessary.  She has machine wefted hair made from a curly camel weft.  She has a handknit cardi that matches her handknit shoes.  Her shoes tie with a ribbon.  Eve's afternoon tea dress is made out of Liberty Tana Lawn, one of the softest cottons around!  Of course, she has pretty pink panties under her tights.  

Thank you so much for coming to visit Eve!  I can't wait to find out where her new home will be!

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