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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Best of Friends

Have you ever wished for the best friend a friend could have?  These two little ones wished for each other, and that's just what they got.  

Now don't be fooled by their sweet little faces.  I swear, they think the same, and before I know it, they are turning things upside down and making a big old mess.  

In fact, the little guy climbed up the tree the other day, and I couldn't even get him to come down!  I finally asked his sister to go get him for me, and she was helpful...to an extent...but oh, then they were both up the tree!  Silly ones!

Regardless of their silly antics, these two are a lovable pair.  They share secrets, almost as if they don't have to say them aloud.  They snuggle like they were meant to fit together, because they were cut from the same cloth and stuffed with the same wool - quite literally!  They are headed home tomorrow!  

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