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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sometimes Life Gives You Peaches!

This month was a busy one for me!   It started out with me making a big skin fabric purchase.  It takes about 2 weeks to arrive from Canada to my doorstep, so when it finally arrived, I was quite excited...that is...until I opened the package.  My heart sank.  What was this color?  Did they send the wrong one?  Where was the other color?

Quickly I rummaged through my inbox.  I looked up all my skin orders.  I had somehow made a mistake.  What had I done!?  This wasn't my go to color!  It was nearly peach!  And there was no tan at all!  sigh...what to do....well, after a few days of panic, I placed another order for my go to color, and sold off a few yards of the new peachy stuff, keeping some of it to play.  My fellow dollmakers had told me that it lightens up with stuffing.  I sure hoped so!  I figured I'd give it a try on a few little fiddles.  It was a good enough time to play around with my pattern that I wasn't fully in love with, and since I wasn't about to take on any new customs knowing I didn't have my usual colors, I had some time to play.

These three little ladies - The Ladies of Liberty - were the result.  Each one of them the perfect warm peachy skin tone I never imagined could happen.  They all don cute little brushed mohair wigs, and they are the most playful little bunch I think I've ever made.  Dare I say it, I'm in love with this color!  Sure, I still appreciate my go to color, and this will just add to my choices in dollmaking.  It was certainly a surprise in the making...but it seems to all have worked out in the end.

I also splurged on some dreamy Liberty of London fabrics this month, and it only seems fitting that they should each get a Liberty dress.  And since I had some time, I shrunk down my favorite knitted bootie pattern, and look what should happen!  Cute little buns, and tootsies, and oh my!  I can't get over them!

They will be for sale this month at The Enchanted Toybox, along with a few larger dolls that I made with the last of my skin.  In the meantime, I'm still waiting on backordered skin fabric.  Sometimes, we grow in the least expected ways...this month, my patterning improved on one of my less used patterns and I was pleasantly surprised by something new.  It sure does feel very spring like with all this newness around here now, doesn't it?

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