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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soleil - Girl of The Sun!

Soleil, what are you doing?

I'm climbing Mama!  I'm climbing high!

Oh Soleil, it's not even Spring yet!  You still have a few weeks to go!  I don't think it's a good idea for you to climb trees!

But mama, if I climb, I'll get closer to the sun!

The sun?  Now why in the world do you want to get closer to the sun?

Oh mama, you are so silly.  You didn't think you could name me after the sun and I wouldn't want to get closer to it, did you?  The sun is warm!  I feel it on my face.  It warms my heart!  If I get closer, it will be even warmer!

I'm watching you, Soleil.  You shouldn't climb so high!

I'm ok mama!

I'm stuck....

Soleil will be for sale this coming Friday at The Waldorf Dollhouse.  She is 17 inches tall.  Her skin is tan Dewitt Engle cotton interlock.  She is stuffed with clean carded wool.  Her knees are dimpled and she has a bum so that she can sit properly.  She also has a belly button.

Soleil's hair is hand-wefted suri alpaca locks.  She has a LOT of hair.  I used 6 ounces of locks on her head alone!  Her weft is crocheted into a cap.

Soleil has hand knitted wool mary janes with pearl closures.

She wears a wool roving knit headband with a wooden heart button.

Her dress is cotton and closes with snaps in the back.  It has a decorative button on the front of it.  Her tshirt is organic cotton and also closes with snaps.  She also wears cotton panties.

When Soleil and I sat down to make some jewelry, she went a bit overboard and decided that she needed not one, but two bracelets - one for each wrist.  They are both very different so you can accessorize them with different outfits.

Soleil is carefully sewn to last, but she may not be the best option for a small child as Suri Alpaca can shed a bit.  She is better suited to be a mama doll.

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