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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Camille and her lucky bead

Have you ever had a lucky charm?  Something that you take with you wherever you go, knowing it will bring you good luck?

Camille does.  She has a lucky lampwork bead.  She asked me to promise I don't send her on her way without it.  Of course I did.  How could I not send her off with things that remind her of her roots?  Afterall, I made this bead for her.  Of course, I didn't make it yesterday or even last week.  I made it long before I had children of my own, when I had time to make lampwork, and no fear of small hands and hot glass!  So each one is special to me, but when Camille found that bead and showed it to me, I knew it had to be hers.

Have you ever known someone so happy go lucky?  Look at that smile.  Camille wakes up smiling and greets me every morning.  I told her I hope she keeps that up when she finds her new home.  She'll please her new mama so.  She rubbed her lucky bead between her two hands and just smiled at me warmly.

Camille is a very special doll.  I don't make a lot of darker skinned dolls, but when I do, oh, they come to life unlike any other.  I bought this nice red brown skin months ago.  With dolls like these, you wait until they call to you....until all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Her hair is wefted Wensleydale locks that I wefted myself.  In fact, I got these locks raw and cleaned them and picked out any vegetation before I carefully laid them out to weft them in the first place.  It was quite a process, but every time I look at her head of locks, I smile, because it was so worth it!  They are the most perfect locks imaginable!

She wears a corduroy dress and pants that match, a colorful layout that is only fit for Camille.  She comes wearing cotton panties and felt handmade shoes as well.  Her star is sewn from two layers of wool felt and a black elastic band connected inside of it to go around her head.  It's completely removable so you can put it where you like!

Of course, you can't forget her lucky lampwork bead that I turned myself before carefully annealing the bead.  I've strung the bead on a pretty blue ribbon that Camille picked out herself.

Camille is made of high quality Dewitt Engle cotton interlock.  She is stuffed with clean carded wool and her seams are sewn to last.  Her face is sewn using the finest Italian embroidery floss.

Camille will be available via The Enchanted Toybox on Monday the 3rd at 7pm EST.  Don't be late though!  I'm putting Camille up as a first come!  She will not be an auction!

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  1. She is just wonderful! What a dear little soul! xxx