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Monday, February 17, 2014

Anna & Elsa

As a (fairly) new dollmaker, I often take custom requests.  Sometimes, those requests come in the form of Disney Princesses.  Princess dolls can be challenging.  You don't look at fabrics the same way.  You aren't picking out what appeals to you, the creator, you are choosing what might convey this particular character the best. You study pictures of the princesses, you watch the movies (over and over!)  and you hope that your vision will best convey everything that particular princess stands for.

When I was asked to make Anna and Elsa this winter, I was excited to get them started.  It began the day Frozen came out in the movies.  We fell in love instantly.  The message these two girls have is incredible.  Two sisters who show unconditional love for each other - a bond that's always there even though they often seem distanced due to Elsa's hidden powers.  Even after Elsa turns their world upside down, Anna still cares for and loves Elsa so much that she climbs the North Mountain with the help of Sven to try and talk to Elsa.

I started my hunt for fabrics.  It began with the snowflakes..yes, of course!  Elsa's cape needed snowflakes!  Sheer snowflakes!  and Elsa's cape needed to be thick, to keep her warm.  Her dress couldn't really exist without the embroidery, now could it?  I have an embroidery machine, someone out there HAD to make Elsa dress embroidery, right?  I couldn't possibly be mistaken, could I?

In the end, if it weren't for their love for each other, all would be lost.

I made this set for sisters - who have the same undying bond with each other.  I'm not sure which one will get which doll, but I imagine they'll go back and forth interchangeably, creating a stronger bond through play.  Elsa and Anna's story might end with the two of them solving their problems with love, but through my dolls, their story goes on forever.

I can't wait to hear of all the stories these two come up with.   I just hope Winter leaves my home soon! I'm ready for Spring!

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  1. Caroline - this pair are utterly amazing ( and soooooo much lovelier than any plastic Disney doll!). I am in awe! What an incredible project - I hope we will get to see more photographs of them with their sister-owners. And if ever you are ready to make them again (if a repeat custom-order isn't too stultifying to the creative process) please add my name to the list. My own daughter (named Elsa!) really would love them (but they would have to be shared with me :-) ) . Congratulations - they are wonderful. Jxx