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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pauline - The Winter Girl

1 Degree?

Yes, Pauline, it's 1 degree outside!  I don't think it's a good idea to go out today!

But I love the snow!  It's in my soul, don't you know that?

Oh Pauline, I know that!  But today it is just so cold!  

I convinced her to play inside for a bit, but I could tell she was getting antsy, and I saw her eyeing her pretty coat  and warm provisions.

Oh Pauline, you can go outside, but only for a few minutes.  I don't want you to freeze out there!

She looked at me in disbelief.  Could she really have convinced me with her charm to let her out?  She was quite proud of herself.

The snow was deep, but lucky for Pauline, her little dolly feet could just walk right on top.  I watched the fluffy snow move under her little feet.  She basked in the cold weather only for a few minutes before looking at me.

Mama, you are right.  1 degree is quite cold.  Let's go make some cocoa!

Pauline will be auctioned at The Enchanted Toybox on Monday evening at 7 pm.  She stands around 17 inches tall.  She is made of Dewitte Engle Cotton and stuffed with clean carded wool.  She is stitched with care.  Her hair is wefted natural dark brown horse hair.  She has quite a wardrobe as she heads out into the world.

Her shirt is cotton.  
She has cotton panties on.
Her jumper is wool and lined in cotton.  It has pearl snap closures.
She has a light sheer petticoat with a grey lace on under her jumper.
Her tights are cotton.
Her shoes are 100% wool felt with pearl snap closures to match her jumper.
She wears a pearl bead bracelet on her wrist.
Her jacket is wool cashmere lined in cotton.  It has a metal clasp at the neck and hand beaded and embroidered detail on one side.  This jacket is made using the pattern from Petit Gosset, although slightly modified to straighten out the front edges.
Pauline especially requested a wool roving hat and mittens.  I hand knit her accessories.  Her hat has braided tie cords and a tassel at the top.  
She has a machine embroidered hairclip to match her coat.  It is made of wool felt with a metal clip core.  

As you can see, I've put a lot of care into the special details that Pauline called for.  I hope you love her as much as I do!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Many More pictures of Pauline can be found on my flickr page.  Please feel free to stop by there and I'll see you at the Enchanted Toybox on Monday night!!

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