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Monday, January 27, 2014

Iris - A Rainbow Doll for My Son's School

While I am a play at home mama, I do have one little in school.  It's a nice little community school.  In the warmer months, we walk every day.  Everyone finds their own little ways to help out, and I've found mine.  They are hosting a ticket auction this week.  Two months ago, I volunteered to donate a doll and create a basket for it.  It's fun to go into it thinking there are no expectations.

Of course, many of you love wefts so much, and I love the fuzz of tibetan lamb skin, but there is also something fun and playful about the yarn dolls.  I, myself, really prefer the natural looking dolls, hence the reason why I don't tend to go wild.  So the notion that a small child (Kindergarten through Third Grade!) would most likely end up with this doll led me to think about what I could do with her.  How fun for me!  She had to be colorful, and she needed to have some versatility.  And isn't Valentine's Day coming up? But most of all, she needed to embody fun.

A year ago, I made a doll similar to this one.  She was a really playful custom girl with the same type of hair.  This rainbow art yarn had been waiting in my studio ever since for a new little soul.  I've been working on her nearly all month along side my customs and my ready to go doll for The Enchanted Toybox.  She's done in time.  I created a few extra things for her because after all, I'm sure any small child would want to change her clothes and play with her!

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