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Friday, September 20, 2013


She sat there in her socks, quietly asking me to take her out to play.  Her blue eyes gazed at me.  I had things to do!  Dinner to cook, a napping little, some cleaning...but alas, I gave in.  Rosie wanted to go outside, so out we went!

The autumn air isn't nearly here, although the mornings tease its presence.  A sweater is perfect for that weather, and underneath, a tank top for the warmer afternoons.

"What do you want to do today, Rosie?"

"Push me on the swing?"  she asked.  How could anyone turn that pretty little ginger down?  I pushed and pushed and pushed...she really loves that swing!

Before long, she was climbing the tree.  I should have known she'd sneak up there!  Her fiery glow shows right through that red hair of hers!

"Rosie, please come down!"  She just giggled at me.  Then she climbed even higher!  Can you imagine?

Eventually, we headed back in.  The little woke, and we headed off to school to pick up her big brother.

 Rosie is looking for a home.  She is available in my etsy shop tonight!  She likes to giggle and play and she's ready for fall.  She will come to you wearing a cotton sleeveless top, jeans, undies, socks, a wool sweater with a wooden button, and corduroy shoes.  Her hair is hand dyed boucle wool yarn.  She is firmly stuffed and sits independently.  Her bottom is finished with a bum and she has a belly button too!!

 Please stop by and visit her!  Perhaps you are just the home she's looking for!

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