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Friday, April 12, 2013


She arrived just before Easter.  She told me her name was Leah.  It is such a perfect name for a sweetheart with little freckles adorning her face.

The weather was warm, and she fell in loves with my childrens' Easter chicks.  She thought they were real, and well, who wouldn't?! With their sweet little chirping sounds and all!

I thought she'd head out earlier, but she took her time learning how to tie those shoes of hers.  She insisted she learn and that I help her do it.  As a mother, I couldn't deny her that!  So she stayed, and each day we practiced.  She finally got it and boy was she proud!  The first thing she did was climb as high as she could in the pussy willow tree to feel the soft blossoms.

This week, she was out playing with Marisol, who's been here much longer than we'd have ever thought.  They were playing with the chicks together.  It was sweet to watch them together.  Hopefully they both find homes soon!

Leah will be available in my Etsy shop tomorrow at 9:30 am.  She will be $160.  Her skin is Dewitt Engle Tricot.  She is stuffed with clean carded wool from West Earl Woolen Mills.  Her shoes are felted tops with leather bottoms and laces.  Her outfit - a cute top with a button closure on the back and bloomers were also handmade by me.  She is well stitched to ensure many years of play.

Marisol is still in my shop, but she has a few new pictures for you!  She asked me to take them because she didn't think the old ones were doing her much justice.  She liked playing out in the sunshine with her new friend, but she hopes to find a home soon too!

Thank you for stopping by and having a visit with Leah and Marisol!

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