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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Finn and Fern

It was fine and dandy in the summer when I had a place to photograph my dolls, but as the weather turned, and the dampness snuck into my yard, the last thing I wanted to do was take my handmade sweethearts out into the yard!

I've tried a variety of things, but it always involves some major setting up.  I wanted an option that could work on the fly.  So when I painted my studio two weeks ago, I had an idea in mind.

I had an old cork board.  I could paint it to match the room, and make it into a portable spot for pictures.  It's actually working out really well!  I know the floor is dark as well, but I've already tackled that problem for the next set of pictures.  All of this stuff was stuff I had.  The knobs were from an old dresser.  They work perfectly for hanging clothing!  The corkboard was just sitting around, but any board would work just as well.  I also used some faux wood tiles for the floor that you'll see in my next upload.  I might even add a piece of floor molding to the cork board that I know I have in the basement!  All in all, I created a small photostudio for my dolls for next to nothing!

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